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Stained Glass Theatre was a crazy idea. The plan was to put together a professional full time theatre using volunteer actors that would run full time, with six to seven week runs of shows and a year round schedule. Every show would have a theme that would include salvation through Jesus Christ and/or a strong Judeo-Christian moral. The founder Ron Boutwell, along with a bunch of college students brought the dream to reality when they decided to start stuff in Springfield, MO. They eventually moved the theatre to Ozark, Missouri when they outgrew the facilities in Sprinfield. Now there are two more locations that have followed the dream in Joplin and Jefferson City, MO. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth the ticket price to check them out!

Dave Eggers started  a Store/Publishing Company/Tutoring Center  called 826 Valencia. His startup is an awesome idea! The following video is incredible! Enjoy it and get inspired to start something great! After watching, check out his website.( You might want to help him out or do something similar in your own city!







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